mandag den 16. august 2010

Dim The Lights - Dim The Lights

this is maybe the band in the world with the best pig squeals in da' world.
check it out. it pretty cool. :3

Road To Manila

not much more to say than: fee dø.

søndag den 8. august 2010

Fall Of Efrafa Demo

1905 Ep

Captain Your Ship Is Sinking

Captain Your Ship Is Sinking/Mio Split: Download
Selftitled: Download
The last album doesn't have a name on it so i dont know what its called

More La Dispute

Here, Hear: Download
Here, Hear II: Download
Here, Hear III: Download
Winter Tour CD: Download
Untitled 7": Download

Downfall of Gaia

Demo (2008): Download
Tour Ep: Download